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Name:Cold as ice.
Birthdate:Apr 19
Location:Washington, United States of America

Interests (133):

, a good cry, aladdin, anime, arcades, art, baking, beaches, being awesome, bemani, buffy the vampire slayer, bunnies, calvin and hobbes, cats, cedric diggory, celes chere, chrono trigger, cooking, cooking mama, cosplay, creative writing, dance maniax, daydreaming, doing nothing, dollhouse, drawing, eating, ebay, english, engrish, fairy tales, falling in love, family guy, fantasy, farmers markets, ferrets, final fantasy, final fantasy vi, fonts, food, freakazoid, futurama, glee, global domination, gossip girl, grammar, graphic design, halloween, happily ever after, harry potter, hufflepuff, ice cream, intelligent conversation, japan, jibba jabba, karaoke, kawaii neko chan, kim possible, kingdom hearts, laughter, locke cole, long skirts, love, making baby jesus cry, manga, memoirs of a geisha, music, nanowrimo, nature, nerding it up, never cleaning my room, nigga stole my bike, ninja squirrels, nintendo ds, no day but today, not wearing pants, nutella, orly, paint shop pro, para para paradise, paradise kiss, penny arcade, people who don't suck, peter pan, photography, pissing random people off, playing more volleyball, purikura, pushing daisies, ragnarok online, rainbow brite, rainbows, random things, reading, really bad fanfiction, rent, road trips, roflmao, romeo x juliet, san diego, sandals, sanrio, serious business, shoujo manga, singing, sleeping, snuggling, spontaneous combustion, stargazing, staying up all night, stfu, summer, sunshine, surprise buttsecks, swimming, the beets, the legend of zelda, the princess bride, those damn liberals, thrift stores, tomfoolery, unicorns, video games, walking barefoot, waterfalls, wikipedia, wonderful things, writing, wtf, your mom, zombies, ,
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